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Pascal Norway

Cultural Activities for Children and Adults with Special Needs.

Pascal's goal is to make sure that physical or mental limitation never hinders children, youth, and adults access to quality education in aesthetic expressions and artistic activities. We use music and cultural activities / art activities to achieve better health for our members. It is about quality in life.

Pascal Norway provides musical training and other cultural activities for all people with special needs, including seniors, people with mental and physical disabilities, immigrants, and people who are struggling with substance abuse and mental illness. Everybody can be a member of Pascal! Pascal Norway´s works locally, nationally and internationally, so that all those who fit under each category can participate in musical and artistic activities as a tool to provide a better quality of life and health while expressing and contributing to the cultural landscape.

Pascal Norway was founded on September 9, 2009 as a NGO and is the head of an international family. It consists of a board of teachers and administrators who have a wide range of experience and expertise in the field.

With Pascal, all people, including those with severe physical limitation and very restricted movement can take part in cultural activities such as music, dance/movements and theatre. We find ways for everyone to participate and have amazed parents and children all over the world. We have special adapted methodologies and instruments. Today Pascal has about 2.250 members world wide.

Pascal Norway is only based on voluntarely work, and runs projects in several countries. Such as cultural exchanges, work shops and concerts / presentations / exhibitions.We believe that cultural activities give better health and a better everyday for everybody.

Pascal´s slogans are:
"Cultural activities for everyone!"
"Cultural activities=better health!"

We have members in the following countries:

  • Argentina

  • Colombia

  • Denmark

  • France

  • Germany

  • Great Britain

  • Haiti

  • Iceland

  • Japan

  • Lithuania

  • Namibia

  • Nicaragua

  • Norway

  • Poland

  • Spain

  • Sweden

  • Tanzania

  • The Dominican Republic

  • The United States of America (USA)

Mr. Lars Espen Rath Vestad
Tel +47 481 35 000

Vice President:
Mr. Ola Skaare
Tel +47 975 11 186

Contact information:
Pascal Norge (Pascal Norway)


L. P. Wettres vei 20
Tel +47 4141 0400
(Time zone: Oslo, Norway: GMT +1)

Pascal Norway in The Dominican Republic

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Pascal Norge i den dominikanske republikk 3.jpg 2014-3-25-17:30:18
Pascal Norge i den dominikanske republikk 6.jpg 2014-3-25-17:29:53
Pascal Norge i den dominikanske republikk 7.jpg 2014-3-25-17:29:31
Pascal Norge i den dominikanske republikk 4.jpg 2014-3-25-17:29:6
Pascal Norge i den dominikanske republikk 5.jpg 2014-3-25-17:28:39

Pascal in The United States of America; Pascal Norway - USA

Pascal Norge i USA 3.jpg
Pascal Norge i USA 8.jpg
Pascal Norge i USA.jpg
Pascal Norge i USA 5.jpg
Pascal Norge i USA 4.jpg
Pascal Norge i USA 2.jpg
Pascal Norge i USA 6.jpg
Pascal Norge i USA 7.jpg
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